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SMAShiNG is an online tool that maps security measures for smartphone guidelines. The tool has been released by ENISA in order to help developers to build secure mobile applications.

How to use the service?

The SMAShING tool is an interactive table displaying all the recommendations for developers. Each recommendation is linked to explanation and references.

SMAShiNG makes it easier for the developers’ community to follow guidelines, by selecting only the ones that are relevant to them. The tool allows for selecting security measures associated with a specific domain and export them as a checklist to follow in the design phase, based on the requirements of the developer.

Why use the service?

New developments in both software and hardware area have resulted into new significant threats for the mobile computing environment, highlighting the need for a tool to help the developers’ community. SMAShiNG touches upon crucial security measures such as:

  • User authentication;
  • Sensitive data protection;
  • Secure software distribution;
  • Device and application integrity;
  • Protection from client side injections;
  • Correct usage of biometric sensors.

The security measures featured by SMAShiNG are defined in the ENISA Smartphone Secure Development Guidelines report, which provides a guide for developing secure mobile applications.

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