SOLIT Site-verifier

Check your website’s privacy policy and GDPR compliance

SOLIT Information Security developed SITE-Verifier, a tool to automatically check a website’s privacy policy regarding GDPR compliance and recommendations.

How does the tool work?

After SITE-Verifier automatically finds the embedded privacy statement, the website will be searched for any embedded third-party content. SITE-Verifier also performs other checks, including whether the website is encrypted when you access it, whether the encryption of login fields is consistent, whether social media is included in accordance with data protection regulations, and much more.

The results are used to check the privacy policy of the website. If SITE-Verifier detects a discrepancy between the technical image of the website and the privacy policy, it will note this in the report. Depending on the severity of the discrepancy, more or less points will then be deducted from the privacy rating. In addition, the data protection declaration is compared with other requirements of the GDPR. For example, it is checked whether the data protection declaration contains the necessary specifications such as purpose limitation, contact information, rights of data subjects, etc. Here too, any discrepancy is noted in the report and at the same time leads to a lower data protection rating for the website. Of course, SITE-Verifier will also show in the report how to increase privacy and make the privacy statement better.

Which languages are currently supported?

SITE-Verifier is currently available in German and English, it also analyses websites in those languages. A French version is on the roadmap.


Checking a website is free, so is an excerpt of the final report including the score and a high level overview of checked items as shown in the following picture:

The full report including recommendations how to improve the websites privacy policy can be unlocked for a current fee of 19,90 EUR.

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